Single healing.
Skill introduction
  • Healing Ray

    1.Casts a healing ray that heals the target hero, instantly restoring 500% damage to the target. And for the next 5 seconds, restores target health for 60% damage per second.
    2.The healing effect per second is increased to 80% damage.

  • Healing Chain

    1.Cast a Healing Chain on a friendly hero with the lowest amount of health. Healing increases when Fixabot comes closer to the target ally. Healing is within 200%-300% attack.
    2.Raise the HP recover cap to 320% attack.
    3.Raise the HP recover cap to 350% attack.

  • Hardening

    1.Increase 10% defence for the front row allies, and increase 10% attack for back row allies over 10 seconds.
    2.Raise the attack and defence increased to 15%.