Web Overseer

Debuff stacking. Single Crowd Control.
Skill introduction
  • Venom

    1.Spit venom at target enemies, dealing 360% damage and reducing their speed by 10% for 8 seconds.
    2.During the duration of Venom, reduce the target's ATK by 12%.

  • Corrosive Acid

    1.Spray corrosive acid on the nearest enemy, causing 180% damage and a small amount DOT for 8 seconds.
    2.The damage is increased to 200% .
    3.The damage is increased to 220% , and the acid reduces the enemy's defense by 12% during the duration of the acid.

  • Restraint

    1.Web Overseer spits out silk and wraps the enemy, making it impossible for the enemy to attack and cast skills for 4 seconds.
    2.Web Overseer silk will only entangle enemies with the highest health, it will also do 10% damage over time.