Apex Predator

Killer for Back Row heroes; Damage increased
Skill introduction
  • Bayonet Charge

    Goes underground, quietly moves to front of the target, causing 550% damage; if the target is successfully killed, Apex Predator immediately casts Pounce.
    Increase the damage to 605% .
    Increase the damage to 660% .
    EX: Additionally causing additional damage according to the rate of the target's lost HP. The more HP lost, the damage the target will receive; up to 130% damage can be caused.

  • Pounce

    When a battle starts, Rakkana will move and jump out of the ground at the back of the enemy with the lowest DEF, dealing 500% ATK DMG. When Rakkana is moving, she cannot be targeted.
    Damage is increased to 550% .
    Damage is increased to 600% .
    Damage is increased to 650% .
    EX: Regenerates additional 100 energy after casting Assault.

  • Bunt

    Uses a hard rock horn to hit the target, dealing 250% of damage.
    Damage increased to 280% .
    Damage increased to 310% .
    EX: Add an extra attack for Bunt, it will deal DMG equal to 5% of the enemy's max HP but the max damage dealt will not exceed 50% of Rakkana's ATK.

  • Extra Armor

    The hard shell of Rakkana can withstand a lot of damage. Casting a Skill can gain her 150% DEF for 4 sec. This effect can trigger once every 10 sec.
    The DEF buff is increased to 165%.
    The DEF buff is increased to 180%.
    EX: If Rakkana had killed enemies during the battle, the duration of the DEF buff would be increased to 6 sec.