Skill introduction
  • Frozen Breath

    Nagrama's mount, Greves, shoots a continuous frozen beam for 6s, inflicting DMG equal to 70% of ATK per second.
    DMG is increased to 80%.
    DMG is increased to 90%.
    EX: After Frozen Ray has been active for over 3s, skill range is increased by 1m. The skill inflicts 120% ATK as DMG per second and applies an additional stack of frostmark.

  • Ice Prison

    Nagrama creates an Ice Prison, dealing Damage equal to 90% of ATK to enemies within its creation range. Ice Prison lasts for 6 seconds. When an enemy inside an Ice Prison uses its skill, it receives 50% of Nagrama's ATK.
    DMG is increased to 100%.
    DMG is increased to 110%.
    DMG is increased to 120%.
    EX: The duration of Frozen Prison is increased to 8s, the cast range is increased to 2m, and the skill radius is increased to 1m.

  • Shattered Leylines

    Nagrama slams the ground with ice, inflicting 90% ATK as DMG each time an enemy is hit, up to two times.
    DMG is increased to 100%.
    DMG is increased to 110%.
    EX: The skill radius of Shattered Leylines is increased by 0.5m. Shattered Leylines will shatter again after 1s, inflicting 80% ATK as DMG.

  • Frostmark

    When Nagrama inflicts DMG to an enemy with a skill, apply a stack of frostmark to them. When 4 stacks of frostmark is reached, the mark will automatically explode, inflicting 130% ATK as DMG.
    DMG is increased to 145%.
    DMG is increased to 160%.
    EX: When 3 stacks of frostmark is reached.