Ranged Monster Bait & Multi-Target DMG
Skill introduction
  • Sanctify

    Gather energy, then charge for a short distance, picking up all enemies within a 5m range and displacing them, then inflicting 1000% ATK as DMG.
    Damage inflicted is increased to 1100% of ATK.
    Damage inflicted is increased to 1200% of ATK.
    EX:Skill DMG to summons and the range of Fight and Flight are both increased.

  • Lightning Shield

    Active Effect: Summons a lightning barrier that reduces received DMG by 56% for 3s. Passive Effect: After entering the battlefield, Nordthion permanently gains max HP equal to 1800% of ATK.
    Increases DMG reduction to 64%.
    Increases DMG reduction to 72%.
    Increases DMG reduction to 80%.
    EX:While Lightning Barrier is active, every 0.5s inflicts DMG equal to 80% of Nordthion's ATK to surrounding enemies and gains immunity to CC.

  • Astral Power

    The user swings their energy sword, inflicting 240% of ATK as True DMG to enemies within a radius in front of them.
    Increases damage inflicted to 270% of ATK.
    Increases damage inflicted to 300% of ATK.
    EX:DMG inflicted by this skill is converted to True DMG.

  • Ingenious Spark

    When the battle starts, allied Energy and Hunter heroes gain Thunder: Every time a skill hits an enemy, there is a base chance of 30% (affected by Nordthion's ACC) to strike them with a lightning bolt, inflicting 58% of Nordthion's ATK as DMG.
    Increases damage inflicted to 65% of ATK.
    Increases damage inflicted to 72% of ATK.
    EX:The chance of Energy Heroes triggering Thunder has been doubled.