Sawteeth Mammoth

Unstoppable traction. Magic resistance
Skill introduction
  • Unstoppable Traction

    1.Langel gains 40% DEF for 10s. Langel then pulls all enemies in a frontal fan-shaped area to the front, inflicting 200% DEF as DMG. Langel receives high DMG reduction when pulling enemies.
    2.The effect of increasing defense is increased to 50%.
    3.The effect of increasing defense is increased to 60%.
    EX:Dealing damage to an enemy will stun them for 1.5 seconds.

  • Terrorize

    1.The user roars to terrorize their enemies, inflicting 88% of DEF as DMG to enemies in range.
    2.The damage is increased to 97% of DEF.
    3.The damage is increased to 107% of DEF.
    4.The damage is increased to 117% of DEF.
    EX:The enemy damaged will be stunned for 1 sec.

  • Energy Collision

    1.Aim at a random enemy and shoot an energy wave, dealing 144% DEF as DMG to all the enemies passing by. Every time it hits an enemy, the defense will be increased by 8%, lasting for 7 seconds. This skill prioritizes the enemy in the rear of your battlefield.
    2.The damage is increased to 158% of DEF.
    3.The damage is increased to 174% of DEF.
    EX:If the skill hits only one enemy, additional taunt effect will be added to the target for 4 seconds (taunt: force the enemy to attack yourself with general attack).

  • Elephant Skin

    1.Elephant Skin enables Sawteeth Mammoth to gain extremely high ability to bear damage in battle, and increases its DEF by 15% in battle.
    2.DEF increased to 18% .
    3.DEF increased to 22% .
    EX:For 20s after the battle starts, reduce the ranged DMG received by Langel by 4%.