Fantom Assassin

Shift with Shadows. The nightmare of Back.
Skill introduction
  • Phantom Spike

    1.Fantom Assassin summons a 8 second shadow near the target; commands all the shadows on the battlefield to strike the enemy, each shadow causing 252% damage. After the strikes, cooldown time of Fantom Assassin will be reset.
    2.Increase the shadow's strike to 277%.
    3.Increase the shadow's strike to 302%.
    EX:Each shadow deals 80% attack damage to enemies on its strike path.

  • Flash Cut

    1.Fantom Assassin exchange the position with a shadow with enemies surrounding and which is farest from him, then strike the enemies with all the shadows on the field at the same time, causing 188% damage to surrounding areas.
    2.Increase the damge to 205%.
    3.Increase the damge to 222%.
    4.Increase the damge to 239%.
    EX:Flash Cut is upgraded, it will now cut twice in a row, the second cut will deal a fixed 40% ATK DMG.

  • Shrewd Phantom

    1.Summon a Shadow that can exist for 15 sec near the farthest enemy without a Shadow. When summoning a new Shadow, old ones will disappear. The Shadow cannot be targeted and they will copy Randall's Skill. If several identical Skills hit the same target, there will be a 30% DMG Reduction for these Skills. ^Passive: During the battle, when an attack is possible to damage Randall by 20% of his max HP, he will consume 200 Energy to nullify the attack. After the effect is triggered 2 times in a row, it cannot be triggered again in 25 sec.
    2.Damage avoid triggers when damage of 18% max hp is caused.
    3.Damage avoid triggers when damage of 16% max hp is caused.
    EX:Each instance of damage immunity reduces energy by 150 points. Can trigger passively once per 20s.

  • Dancing Blade

    1.Fantom Assassin and his shadow threw a row of daggers into the front fan-shaped area, causing 188% damage to the enemy. Every time a shadow casts this skill to hit an enemy on the battlefield, it will increase 8% attack power to the Fantom Assassin, for 6 seconds.
    2.Increase the damage to 205%.
    3.Increase the damage to 222%.
    EX:Each time a Shadow on the battlefield hits an enemy with a skill, Randall gains 1.5% ATK for 6s, stacking up to 4 times.