Molten Devourer

Flame Projectile. Damage stacking.
Skill introduction
  • Flame Projectile

    1.Spits a blast of Flame Projectile at the targets. The Flame Projectile will bounce between the targets up to 5 times, dealing 110% ATK DMG each. When in the Fire Spirit Form, the bouncing will ignite the enemies, dealing 30% ATK DMG per sec for 5 sec.
    2.Lava can bounce up to <#40FFC6>6 times.
    3.Lava can bounce up to 7 times.
    EX:Spit 2 Flame Projectile at the target in a row, the DMG of each Flame Projectile will be modified to 70% of the original DMG.

  • Explosive Trap

    1.Create a fire trap in an area centered around the target. The trap explodes 1 second later, dealing 120% damage to all enemies in the area. In fire spirit form, targets in the area receive an additional 74% damage.
    2.Initial damage increased to 125% .
    3.Initial damage increased to 130% .
    4.Initial damage increased to 138% .
    EX:If the target is on fire, it will be detonated again, dealing 74% damage.

  • Blazing Flame

    1.Spits a blast of molten lava at the target enemy to dealing 159% damage.In fire spirit form, skill damage increases by 30% .
    2.Overall damage is increased to 174% .
    3.Overall damage is increased to 192% .
    EX:The target also starts to burn for 7% damage every second for up to 5 seconds.

  • Incineration

    1.Each time Kar'Maw casts a Skill, he will gain 4% ATK for 6 sec, stacking up to 5 times. When the effect stacks 5 times, Kar'Maw will enter the Fire Spirit Form and his body will be covered in flame. All his Skills will be buffed for 10 sec.
    2.Each layer now adds 4.2% of ATK.
    3.Each layer now adds 4.5% of ATK.
    EX:The duration of the Fire Spirit Form is increased to 15 seconds.