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Artas - Blade of Vengeance


Dear Commanders,

A new hero is available in Eternal Evolution! Let’s meet Artas - Blade of Vengeance! The following is a sneak peak of his skills! Let’s check it out!

Hero Faction: Atlas

Hero Specialty: Vanguard

Hero Rarity: Elite

Exclusive Equipment: Combat Beetle

Hero Characteristics: Attack and Defense; Maximum Attack Speed 

Hero Skills Information:

Energy Skill - Declaration of Vengeance: Artas chooses 1 enemy within his range and deals Damage equal to 640% of his Defense, putting the enemy in the Vengeance state for 9s. Enemies in the Revenge state will become main targets for Artas and have their Damage Reduction decreased by 5%, each 5% HP lost will further decrease Damage Reduction of the enemy by 1% for up to 15%.

Talent Effect: Increase the duration of Avenger by 3s.

Basic Skill - Split: When Artas attacks the same enemy 3 times, the next Basic Attack will be Enhanced, and deal Damage equal to 470% of Defense.

Talent Effect: When Artas' HP is lower than 50%, Enhanced Basic Attacks will have a Life Steal effect.

Basic Skill - Destructive Slash: Artas jumps high in the air and slashes enemies in front of him, dealing Damage equal to 375% of his Defense and increasing his Attack Speed by 150% for the next 4 Basic Attacks.

Talent Effect: Increase the DMG this skill does to enemies by 20%.

Passive - Violent Will: Enhances the "Vengeance" effect, each 5% HP lost will further decrease Damage Reduction of the enemy by 1.6% for up to 16%.

Talent Effect: Damage Reduction of the enemy in the Vengeance state is further decreased from 8% to 10%, with the limit increased by 2%.

Eternal Evolution Team