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Bailey Hudson - Atomic Lightblade


Dear Commanders,

Today we want to introduce you to our second SSS hero - Bailey Hudson - Atomic Lightblade. As the strongest and only SSS class assassin hero in the current version, we believe everyone must be curious about him. How can you use him to the best of his abilities? With this question in mind, let's take a look!


   Bailey Hudson - Atomic Lightblade

Hero Faction: Terran

Hero Specialty: Assassin

Hero Rarity: Elite

Exclusive Equipment: Dagger of Faith

Hero Skills Information:

Energy Skill - Shadowless Slash: Slashes all enemies in a small area twice, dealing 180% ATK damage. During the slashing period, Bailey Hudson is immune to any damage and Debuffs.

Passive:  After 1 second when there is no enemy in close range, Bailey Hudson will enter the Assassination state, and the enemy cannot find his whereabouts. The Assassination lasts until he is removed after one attack.

Assassination: Cannot be selected as a skill target by the enemy.

Talent Effect: In the Assassination state, the damage dealt is increased by 22%.

Basic Skill - Track: During the battle, Bailey Hudson will not move. Every 15 seconds, Bailey Hudson marks the enemy with the lowest HP. The marked enemy will take 8% more damage. 1 second after casting the mark, Bailey Hudson will blink behind the enemy and attack it. At the beginning of the battle, Bailey Hudson will cast a mark once, and there can only be one marked enemy on the battlefield at the same time, and the mark can stack up to 3 layers.

Talent Effect: Every time Bailey Hudson casts "Track", ATK increases by 8%, which lasts until the end of the battle, with a maximum increase of 40% ATK.

Basic Skill - Dig Heart: Bailey Hudson hits the target with a fatal blow, causing 360% ATK damage. Each time Bailey Hudson blinks, the CD of this spell will be removed.

Talent Effect: When killing an enemy, the damage dealt this time has a 10% lifesteal.

Passive - Tengu Faith: When Bailey Hudson attacks the same enemy, each attack will increase his crit rate by 5% and crit damage by 10%, up to 15% crit rate and 30% crit damage. However, when Bailey Hudson changes his attack target, the increased crit rate and crit damage will be removed, and "Shadowless Slash" will not trigger this effect.

"Track" will refresh immediately when the target marked by "Track" dies or Bailey Hudson enters "Assassination" state. Every time Bailey Hudson loses 30% HP, he will trigger Hidden once, up to 2 times per battle.

Hidden: Bailey Hudson escapes from the combat area, flashes to a safe position on the edge of the battlefield, and gains 15% lifesteal for 5 seconds.

Talent Effect: Increased crit rate and crit DMG are reduced by 2 stacks when switching targets.

[Development Strategy]

Skill Review: Hudson's only AOE skill is "Shadowless Slash", which deals good damage and makes him immune to any damage and negative effects. The passive effect also provides an "Assassination State" when there are no enemies nearby. In the "Assassination" State, you cannot be selected as a skill target, which greatly improves survivability. The Basic Skill "Track" gives Hudson the ability to constantly move and hunt down enemies with the lowest health. Dig Heart is a highly damaging burst damage ability that is cast after each move, dealing a high amount of damage to enemies. The passive "Tengu Faith" skill not only increases Hudson's output, but also helps to kill the same enemy faster. He can also escape from the battlefield after being wounded and temporarily gain lifesteal. This drastically raises Hudson’s survivability.

Exclusive Equipment: Unlocks After Hero Reaches MYTHIC 1 Star. This equipment has two effects. One is a special "kill" effect that will not be removed after a certain percentage of life is lost. Effect two is activated when Hudson is stronger than the attacking enemy and gives Hudson a boost in damage.

Talent: The energy talent "Shadowless Slash" increases the amount of damage once unlocked. Unlocking the Track talent will increase Hudson’s attack power after each displacement. Unlocking "Dig Heart" talent will provide Hudson a lifesteal effect, further increasing his survivability. The passive skill "Tengu Faith" talent, when unlocked, greatly increases the effect of the passive skill.


Equipment: In the selection of random attribute entries for a single equipment, we should mainly choose the entries that improve Hudson’s damage dealing abilities, such as crit rate, crit damage, damage power and extra damage power, and then select some entries that improve survivability, such as damage reduction and health. Critical hit rate, damage, or critical hit damage can be acquired through certain sets.

Commanders: Our commander of choice is Gautier, who can greatly increase Dig Heart's damage after Hudson's displacement, and also adds a shield for Hudson, which increases his survivability and allows him to press the attack as much as he likes.

Divine Prototype: Since Hudson is the assassin hero that is specialized on burst damage, we should choose Divine Prototypes that focus on manual damage and skill damage, for example:

"Inner Fire" or "Iron Oath" for Blue quality.

"Bloodlust", "Chaos Chip" or "Staggeringly Medallion" for the Purple quality.

"Preying Eyes", "Dark Summit" for the Orange quality.

[Combat Strategy]

Placement: Hudson is equipped with displacement skills and can teleport to the back row of the enemy at the beginning of the battle, so it doesn’t matter where you place him. You should generally place him in the position where the commander's skills take effect.

Combinations with other heroes: Hudson is the strongest assassin hero in the current version, and you can build an insane burst damage team around him, with one or two assassin heroes as secondary outputs, for example, heroes like "Randall - Fantom Assassin" or "Rakkana - Apex Predator". Then choose a support hero to ensure the survival of assassin heroes who run into the enemy group, such as "Serena - Battle Angel". Other hero selection can be made according to the actual situation, for example, you can choose "Hercules-Devastator". While attracting all the attention from the enemy’s frontrow, he can also take all the damage like a champ.