Bailey Hudson

Atomic Lightblade

Blink attack. Single-target execute.
Skill introduction
  • Shadowless Slash

    1.Slashes all enemies in a small area twice, dealing 180% ATK damage. During the slashing period, Bailey Hudson is immune to any damage and Debuffs.Passive: After 1 second when there is no enemy in close range, Bailey Hudson will enter the Assassination state, and the enemy cannot find his whereabouts. Assassination lasts until it is removed after one attack.Assassination: Cannot be selected as a skill target by the enemy.
    2.Increases damage dealt to 198% ATK.
    3.Increases damage dealt to 218% ATK.
    EX: In the Assassination state, the damage dealt is increased by 22%.

  • Track

    1.During the battle, Bailey Hudson will not move. Every 15 seconds, Bailey Hudson marks the enemy with the lowest HP. The marked enemy will take 8% more damage. 1 second after casting the mark, Bailey Hudson will blink behind the enemy and attack it. At the beginning of the battle, Bailey Hudson will cast a mark once, and there can only be one marked enemy on the battlefield at the same time, and the mark can stack up to 3 stacks.
    2.Marked enemiy will take 9% more damage.
    3.Marked enemiy will take 10% more damage.
    4.Marked enemiy will take 11% more damage.
    EX: Every time Bailey Hudson casts "Track", ATK increases by 8%, which lasts until the end of the battle, with a maximum increase of 40% ATK.

  • Dig heart

    1.Bailey Hudson hits the target with a fatal blow, causing 360% ATK damage. Each time Bailey Hudson blinks, the CD of this spell will be removed.
    2.Increases damage dealt to 390% ATK.
    3.Increases damage dealt to 420% ATK.
    EX: When killing an enemy, the damage dealt this time has a 10% lifesteal.

  • Tengu Faith

    1.When Bailey Hudson attacks the same enemy, each attack will increase his crit rate by 5%and crit damage by 10%, up to 15% crit rate and30% crit damage. However, when Bailey Hudson changes his attack target, the increased crit rate and crit damage will be removed, and "Shadowless Slash" will not trigger this effect.^"Track" will refresh immediately when the target marked by "Track" dies or Bailey Hudson enters the "Assassination" state. Every time Bailey Hudson loses 30% HP, he will trigger <#FFE3BC>Hidden once, up to 2 times per battle. Hidden: Bailey Hudson escapes from the combat area, flashes to a safe position on the edge of the battlefield, and gains 15% lifesteal for 5 seconds.
    2.The lifesteal obtained by "Hidden" has been increased to 20%.
    The lifesteal obtained by "Hidden" has been increased to 25%.
    EX: Increased crit rate and crit DMG are reduced by 2 stacks when switching targets.