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Eternal Evolution Beginners Guide


Eternal Evolution Beginners Guide

Made by GODs | Redbird


This guide contains explanations and tips on the game content of Eternal Evolution. It is intended only as an aid and not to dictate to anyone how he or she should play the game. Not every detail is grasped. The guide is limited to the essential points. The guide is divided into: I: Heroes and Recruitments, II: Basics, III: Game Modes, IV: Equipment, V: Resources and Items, VI: Server Events, VII: Tier List, VIII: Strengths and Build of Each Hero, IX: Evolution Process Graphic, X : Walkthrough for beginners.

Go to X: Beginner's Walkthrough for tips on how to get the most out of your resources and what to look out for when starting the game.

If you have any questions about the guide, you can contact @Twinkie#2253 on Discord.

Status: 07/01/2022


I: Heroes and Recruitments


1. How to get Heroes

Heroes are basically obtained through recruitments. A distinction is made between basic, advanced, limited and friendly recruitments. Elite heroes can be obtained from all recruitments. All recruitments (except friendly) give a data chip per recruitment, which can be used in the respective shop for further rewards.

Basic recruitments can be done through purple tickets or diamonds.

Advanced recruitments are done through yellow tickets. A wish list for heroes with an increased probability can be specified here.

Limited recruitment gives the opportunity to get the three indicated elite heroes. Focus is on the specified SSS hero. Friendly Recruitment is done through points that you can send to people in your friends list on a daily basis. Therefore, one should not neglect the friends list.


Besides recruitment, heroes can also be obtained through events. This varies per event. For more on events, see VI: Server Events.


2. Special features of SSS Heroes

SSS heroes can only be obtained through limited recruitment or events. The exception is that Aniruddha can also be obtained through Advanced recruitment and Rez through the Galactic Arena shop.

SSS heroes are difficult to reach or evolve for free 2 play players.

If you are f2p, you should limit yourself to one hero, which you improve as much as possible. For this, limited tickets and gene hybrids should be collected.


3. Which heroes are the best and how do I build my team?

All Elite heroes that are not also available as rare heroes are basically playable. Everyone should choose the heroes they like the most. Nevertheless, a list of the heroes according to their strength can be found under VII: Tierlist.

SSS heroes generally stand out from other heroes.


The team should be built to work best for each game mode. For each game mode and specific recommendations, see III: Game Modes.                                                In principle, however, it is not wrong to form your team with a tank, an assassin or a second tank, a support or healer and two ranged heroes (single target or AOE). To make evolving easier, no more than two heroes of the same faction should be used.


4. Evolve

Elite Heroes can evolve through Epic, Mythic, and Legendary to Immortal. Some evolving requires copies of the same hero (unevolved) or any hero (Elite or Epic). A detailed overview can be found under IX: Evolution Process Graphic. It should be noted that for evolutions for which any hero can be used, only heroes that also exist as rare heroes should be used, since these cannot be developed further than Epic, have a maximum level of 119 and are therefore quite useless. These heroes should not be evolved further than Epic - without a glowing crystal (!!!).

Common heroes cannot be developed at all. These heroes' auto-sell function can be safely activated under Evolve and Dismiss.


5. Reset

A hero's level and equipped armor can be reset at any time. It returns all resources used. Talents can also be reset separately. Only the level of the exclusive weapon and the evolution process cannot be reset.


6. Which equipment for which hero

See IV: Equipment.


II: Base


1. General

Individual elements of the base can be unlocked at the front. See III: Game Modes.


2. Recruitment

Heroes can be recruited here.


3. Inherit

Heroes can be placed here, inheriting the level of the fifth weakest hero in the team. So never more than five heroes have to be leveled. Equipment and talents are not carried over. The heroes can be exchanged at will.


4. Guild

Another chat is available in a guild, as well as a daily guild hunt with additional rewards.


5. Outpost

In the outpost "mini-missions" can be carried out, for which heroes can be dispatched. The missions run automatically and the heroes can also be used for other purposes during the missions.




6. Divine Prototype

Up to three Divine Prototypes can be equipped, which have specific effects in battle. They can be evolved and leveled. The level can be reset. Permanent attribute bonuses can be unlocked for all heroes for collecting various prototypes. Here everyone has to decide for themselves which prototypes are best for their team.


7. Command post

A commander can be equipped, which has certain effects in battle. In addition to general bonuses of LP, DEF and ATK, commanders also give random special bonuses for certain heroes and other random values. Everyone has to decide for themselves which one is best for their team. More on this under III: Game modes.


8. Shop

Here you can find different things to buy with ingame currency. It is recommended to buy runes, soul potions, elite hero shards and items for gold.


III: Game Modes


1. Frontline

This mode is about fighting individual teams one after the other. There are rewards for every few levels (from time to time also elite heroes). The further you get on the front lines, the more passive rewards you get.

Chapter 25 unlocks legendary gear for purchase (best gear).


2. Soul Ruby Mine

Similar to the Frontlines, you fight teams in order and there are rewards after each level. As soon as you have reached level 150, you get the opportunity to play three separate "extra mines". Only heroes of one faction can be used in these and a maximum of 10 levels can be played per day. If you want to get as far as possible here, five heroes from each faction must be leveled. At the beginning, however, this should not be given much importance.


3. Arena

There are two arenas - the Regular Arena and the Galactic Arena.

In the Regular Arena you fight against teams of other players on the same server. After each battle there are rewards. Depending on placement, there are daily and seasonal rewards in the form of a not inconsiderable amount of diamonds and runes.

In the Galactic Arena you fight a "best of 3" against three teams of one player (from different EU/SEA servers). Two of the fights must be won in order to win the duel. Depending on the placement, you get better seasonal rewards and a higher passive income in Galactic Arena currency, which can be exchanged in the associated shop. An SSS Hero is also available here.


4. Rift

The further you advance in the Frontlines, the more Rifts will be unlocked. Rifts are a kind of puzzle level in which you can collect the rewards in the level by thinking a little. In between, opponents have to be fought. Heroes' HP is not restored after a battle. If you fail to complete the Rift, you can restart it.


5. Deesa caves

Here you have to fight a boss. At 90, 50, and 10% LP, he gains a shield that must be destroyed by a large number of hits in a short period of time. If you don't do that, you lose. It is recommended to use a tank and at least two single target heroes as well as the commander "Brynhild". Taylor is particularly suitable for f2p players.


6. Tara Dome

Here, too, a boss is fought. This one has a blue shield around it and can only take damage if you attack from inside the shield. So melee heroes and the commander "Gautier" should be used. Alternatively, Taylor can also use his ability to manually teleport into the shield, making it very suitable for f2p players here as well.


7. Cinsaro Swamp

This boss keeps spawning small spiders in the arena, which cause enormous damage if you don't kill them in time. Here it is recommended to use AOE heroes and the commander "Rota". Murphyro, Poluno, and Omar are great to start with.


IV: Equipment


1. General

Equipment is mainly available in the Deesa Caves. Epic and higher gear sets have a set bonus that activates when two or four gears of the same type are equipped. The set bonuses stack, i.e. three ATK sets can be used and you get 45% more ATK. The experience you invest in leveling equipment can be transferred 1:1 to other equipment. So you don't lose any experience when recycling. The equipment has main stats and secondary stats. In the beginning, you should focus primarily on main stats. The rarer the gear, the higher the main and secondary stats. Upgrading randomly raises certain secondary stats (from +1 to +3) as well as main stats. Set bonuses are not increased.

From Mythic (red) gear upwards, set bonuses are of lower priority. The main stats are so high at these levels that you should primarily make sure that they are suitable. In general, % values (ATK, LP, Crit) make the most sense. EX values are not recommended.

If it is unclear what a certain value does, you can click on the info symbol on the right of any hero and then on "Attribute info" on the left. There you will find explanations of the individual values.


2. Which equipment for which hero

Basically, ATK sets should be used for damage dealers and LP sets or main and secondary stats should be used for tanks and healers. But it's not that simple.

Basically, you should know what stats a hero's skills are based on. This is found in the description of the respective skills. Most skills scale to ATK. Then it makes sense to use ATK sets for damage dealers. However, some heroes scale to DEF, for example. Then DEF sets and values should be used accordingly.

Some heroes benefit from high crit rates (e.g. Taylor, Bailey Hudson) and some from high accuracy (e.g. debuff supporters like Rez or even stunned damage dealers like Sorietta). Regarding accuracy, it should be mentioned that this refers to the probability that a debuff can affect the enemy. If the enemy's Resistance (RES) is lower than the Accuracy (ACC) of the user, it casts Debuff. Otherwise it doesn't work.

If you carefully read the abilities and talents of the heroes and if you think about their usefulness in combat (e.g. damage dealer or tank?), it should be obvious which sets and stats make the most sense for the respective hero.

See VIII: Strengths and Build of Each Hero for details.


V: Resources and Items


1. Consumables

a. Gene Hybrid: used to develop any Elite Hero (including SSS)

b. Recruitment Cards: used to recruit Heroes

c. Datachips: can be exchanged for heroes and resources in the Exchange shop

d. Runes: used to upgrade Exclusive Items (unlocked, when a hero reaches Mythic + 1 Crystal)

e. "Hr Packs": give the displayed resources equal to the amount you would have received from passive income in the specified time

f. Arena Tickets: are used for Arena entries

g. Medal of Honor: used for upgrades from Commanders are used

h. Metallize: are used for equipment upgrades

i. Selectable Recruitment Card: are used to recruit selectable heroes

j. Shards: 60 pieces can be used to recruit heroes


VI: Server Events


1. General

a. Which events are active depends on the server you are playing on.

b. The process is always the same on every server. The events only take place at different times. It is possible that the order will be changed. The list is therefore only intended as a guide.

c. Under 2. only f2p rewards are mentioned.

d. Account-dependent registration rewards or similar are not considered here.

e. Descriptions and duration of the events can be found under 3.

f. While changes are possible in the future, the first five weeks of the event should be the same on every server.


2. List of Events

a. Week 1

i. Limited Recruitment: Luke SSS (as well as Hercules and Artas)

ii. Grand Ceremony

iii. Military Expansion

b. Week 2

i. Limited Recruitment: Nadilus SSS (as well as Randall and Bhor)

ii. Elite Chapter: Main reward Nadilus SSS and resources

iii. Hero Evolution: Main reward resources

iv. Recruitment Event: Main reward resources and heroes

c. Week 3

i. Limited Recruitment: Bailey Hudson SSS (as well as Taylor and Oak)

ii. Duplicate Datachips for limited recruitment

iii. Galactic Treasure: Main reward Bailey Hudson SSS

iv. Military Expansion

d. Week 4

i. Limited Recruitment: Wish list hero -  A SSS Hero (Luke, Nadilus or Bailey Hudson) can be put on the wish list for which the chance is increased. The other two heroes can still be recruited.

ii. Recruitment Event: Main reward resources and heroes

iii. Astral Order: Main reward Gene Hybrid and resources (starts 4 days after the start of week 4)

e. Week 5

i. Limited Recruitment: Krete SSS (as well as Serena and Zander)

ii. Hero Evolution: Main reward resources

iii. Military Expansion


3. Event Description

a. Limited Recruitment: Limited Recruitment can be performed through limited tickets. There is a chance of getting the specified SSS Elite hero. If an Elite hero is recruited, this is always one of the three indicated. After 60 (or 80) recruitments, the SSS hero is guaranteed. Some of the tickets can be obtained for free and most of them can be purchased. Whether the counter of the 60 or 80 recruitments will be carried over to the next week is stated in the information for the respective recruitment (can vary weekly). Duration 7 days

b. Grand Ceremony: Points can be collected through activity and purchases. Depending on your place in the ranking list, you get rewards. The event seems to be unique to the opening of the server. Duration 7 days

c. Upgrade: Military points can be collected through purchases and to a small extent through daily tasks. Depending on how many were collected during the event period, there are rewards. Duration 7 days

d. Elite Chapter: There are 5 tickets every day that can be used to play through levels during the event period. The number of tickets is enough to bring the event to an end. It will always be fought against 2 teams in each level. There are two types of event currency that can be exchanged for resources in the event shop. Unused event currency will remain in inventory after the Elite Chapter, but the tickets will disappear. Duration 10 days

e. Hero Evolution: The further the specified hero is evolved, the more rewards you get. In addition, purchases are unlocked. Duration 9 days

f. Recruitment event: One point is awarded for each recruitment with advanced (yellow) and limited (red) tickets. There are rewards for points. Duration 7 days

g. Galactic Treasure: By using the event currency, the rewards can be gradually collected. For 5 wins in the Galactic Arena, there are 5 attempts per day. 45 attempts can be accumulated during the event. 32 are required. Duration 10 days

h. Command of the Star: Rewards can be gradually collected by completing daily event quests. 18 event quests are required to get all rewards. 3 event quests can be completed per day. Duration 10 days


VII: Tierlist


  1.  Defender


2. Melee/ Assassin


 3. Single Target Damage


 4. AOE Damage


 5. Support


 6. For Deesa Caves (Without Tanks)


 7. For Tara Dome

 8. For Cinsaro Swamp (without tanks)


Luke, Omar, Murphyro, Rez

Very good

Kar'Maw, Poluno, Orn, Taylor, Nadilu


Aniruddha, Bailey Hudson, Serena, Liran

VIII: Strengths and Build of each hero


This Chapter only lists heroes which are reasonably good. B tier and partially A tier heroes are ignored.

With "Build" you should primarily use the values that are not in brackets. The values in brackets are less good, but not pointless for the respective hero.


1. Defender (A Tier+)

a. Zaida

- Strengths: defensive tank, shield, stun, knockdown

- Build: Damage Reduction, LP, (ACC, DEF)

b. Hercules

- Strengths: defensive tank, that protects allies

- Build: Damage Reduction, LP, (DEF)

c. Oak

- Strengths: defensive tank, self heal, snockdown, stun

- Build: Damage Reduction, LP, (DEF, ACC)

d. Bohr

- Strengths: aggressive tank, stun, knockback

- Build: Damage Reduction, LP, DEF (ACC)

e. Oisa

- Strengths: defensive tank, stun, knockback, slow

- Build: Damage Reduction, DEF, (LP, ACC)


2. Vanguard (S Tier+)

a. Crete

- Strengths: knockback, strong offense and defense

- Build: DEF, Damage Reduction, (LP, ACC)

b. Artas

- Strengths: reduces Damage Reduction of enemies

- Build: DEF, Damage Reduction, (ACC, LP)


3. Assassin

a. Bailey Hudson

- Strengths: attacks back row, high damage, immunity

- Build: crit rate, crit damage, ATK, (damage Down, LP, ACC)

b. Randall

- Strengths: attacks back row, summons clone

- Build: ATK, (crit rate, crit damage)

c. Rakkana

- Strengths: attacks enemy with lowest DEF

- Build: ATK, (crit rate, crit damage, DEF)


4. Single target (S Tier+)

a. Nadilus

- Strengths: gives team crit rate, very high damage

- Build: crit rate, crit damage, ATK

b. Taylor

- Strengths: increases own crit damage and ATK, very high damage (best hero for Tara Dome and second best for Deesa Caves)

- Build: crit rate, crit damage, ATK


c. Sorietta

- Strengths: knockback, stun

- build : ATK, (ACC, crit rate, crit damage)

d. Zander

- Strengths: increases own speed

- Build: ATK, (crit rate, crit damage, ACC)

e. Khalazza

- Strengths: increases own ATK, summons clone

- Build: ATK, crit rate, crit damage


5. AOE (S Tier+)

a. Luke

- Strengths: reduces opponent's DEF, very high damage

- Build: ATK, (ACC)

b. Poluno

- Strengths: stun, high damage

- Build: ATK, (ACC, crit rate, crit damage)

c. Omar

- Strengths: Large sustained AOE damage, energy regeneration

- Build : ATK, (crit rate, crit damage)


6. Support (A Tier+)

a. Rez

- Strengths: energy refill and speed increase increase of own team, reduction of opponent's energy charge and DEF

- Build: ACC, (Damage Reduction, LP, ATK)


b. Aniruddha

- Strengths: binds enemies, stun, shield

- Build: ACC, ATK, (Damage Reduction, LP, crit rate, crit damage)

c. Serena

- Strengths: very high healing

- Build: LP, (Damage Reduction, DEF)

d. Liran

- Strengths: whole team geal, stun, DEF

- Build: LP, (ACC, Damage Down)

e. Hyupnos

- Strengths: suppression, speed increase

- Build: ACC, (LP, ATK, Damage Reduction)


IX: Evolution Process Graphic



X: Walkthrough For Beginners


1. General

This walkthrough is intended to make it easier, especially for f2p players, to decide what to spend resources on at the beginning of the game and which heroes to build up. Again, it is intended as an aid only and not as a mandatory guide. If you don't want to do it as shown, you can of course do so.


2. Walkthrough

a. Log In Events

At the beginning of the game, in addition to the events mentioned under VI: Server events, a 7-day registration event, a 30-day registration event and a "Bosmina" event start. The heroes Sorietta and Oisa can be obtained in the 7-day login event. Sorietta is already a very good hero to start with. This can be developed and used well into the late game. Oisa isn't bad as a starting tank, but is outclassed by Oak, Hercules, and Bohr. These three heroes can be obtained twice in the Bosmina event. Here it is advisable to take Hercules or Oak, with all three heroes being about equally useful. In the 30 day registration event you get a total of 2 Serena. She is the best healer in the game. However, since it is difficult to reach f2p, Liran can also be used. However, if you have the opportunity to level Serena, you should definitely do so.

b. Recruitments

It's a good idea to save any limited tickets you get until week 3. Here you can get one of the best SSS heroes with Bailey Hudson and get double Data Chips for every recruitment. With 80 Data Chips, a Gene Hybrid can be bought every week. This is very important for leveling SSS heroes. Here it makes sense to try to evolve Bailey Hudson to Immortal.

If you invest the limited tickets here, you also have a good chance of getting some copies of Taylor and Oak. So if you don't want to take Hercules at the Bosmina event, you're almost in better hands with Oak.

Advanced tickets should be saved until week 2 or 4 and used here in conjunction with the recruitment event for further rewards. The tank you use (Oak or Hercules), Taylor and Sorietta should definitely be on the advanced recruitment wish list. Omar, Randall, Poluno or Rakkana are also good to put on the list.

c. Hero team

The team should initially consist of a tank (Oak or Hercules), Taylor, a healer (Serena or Liran) and either one or two AOE heroes (Omar or Poluno) or Assassins (Bailey Hudson, Rakkana, Randall) or Sorietta. Of course you can deviate from this. However, since Taylor is extremely good for bosses, the focus should be on getting him on Immortal as soon as possible.

From week three you can already have a very strong Oak (unless you have chosen Hercules), Bailey Hudson and Taylor. These three (or four) heroes are still very good into the late game.



d. Spending Diamonds

The most useful ways to spend diamonds are:

- Stamina refills for Bosses

- Buying Runes from the Goods and Wasteland shops

- Buying Soul Potions from the Wasteland shop

- Buying Elite Hero Shards

- Basic Recruitments (2700 Diamonds)