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Summit Arena Small-Scale Test


Dear Commanders,


The Summit Arena is open on some SEA servers! It is only a small-scale test that some of you may have the chance to take part in this event as the first group of testers. We will open this event in more servers soon, if you are not in the test servers this time, please stay tuned. For those in the test servers, we sincerely invite you to join this event and experience it by yourself. And if you find any problems or have any suggestions for the event, please contact us on all channels and platforms.


According to the actual situation of different servers, we have divided the test servers into 4 groups. The following is the detailed grouping list.

Group 1: SEA1, SEA2, SEA6, SEA8;

Group 2: SEA3, SEA4, SEA5,SEA7;

Group 3: SEA9, SEA10, SAE11, SEA12, SEA13;

Group 4: SEA14, SEA15, SEA16, SEA17, SEA18.


Summit Schedule

Registration Period: 2022.7.18-2022.7.21 [Processing]

Server Qualifier: 2022.7.18-2022.7.22

Cross-Server Qualifier: 2022.7.22-2022.7.24

Summit Match: 2022.7.24-2022.7.31


We are looking forward to your feedback on the Summit Arena!

Eternal Evolution Team