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Hello players, I'm a member of the Development Team of Eternal Evolution. Thank you for your support and companionship during the long-term development of our game. We have received a lot of feedback from you recently. On behalf of the team, I would like to give you some feedback and replies here. The main points I want to share with you are:



1. About the new content of Rift Fissure: In order to enable players to have a new experience often, we are constantly introducing new gameplay and new functions. We're working on it. As we found out before, there are a lot of players who really like our Rift Fissure gameplay, so we're actively preparing a brand new chapter this week with new stories and puzzles. I hope you all enjoy this chapter. The Rift Fissure is one of the important parts of building the game world view. Therefore, its production cycle will be very long. We will launch new chapters from time to time in line with the rhythm of the new versions.


2. About the new gameplay: We will also launch new gameplay in the near future - Weekend Boss, which will be different from the three boss fights. The mechanism of this boss will be more complicated than the current 3 bosses, but correspondingly, it will also bring more strategy and fun to you. More new gameplay will be completed and be available to everyone, so please stay tuned.

3. About new events: In order to keep the game fresh, we have been thinking about and making new events with new forms. New events will be launched shortly, and they will follow our usual style: easy, simple, and with great satisfying rewards. At the same time, we also plan to add some mini-games to the game, such as tower defense or match-3 gameplay. If you have a type of mini-games that you like very much, please let us know.


4. About guilds: Many players suggested that we could add more guild-related gameplay. In fact, the guild system and its extended gameplay have always been our continuous research subject. But the guild system is a very big challenge for us. It is not only related to this module but also related to the future development direction of the game. To let you experience the complete functions and get a good game experience, the development cycle of the guild gameplay will be relatively long, please be patient, we will try our best to develop the guild system as soon as possible.



1. About new heroes: We have been continuously developing new heroes. Every hero and commander including appearance and skills are carefully designed. This is why we have a long development cycle for each of our heroes. We will do our best to let everyone experience as many new heroes as possible in the future.


2. About the balance among heroes: In the long-term iteration of our game, we continue to adjust the values of the heroes and their skills to ensure the balance of heroes among different professions. Meanwhile, we will continue to let you experience more new assassin heroes and healers, so as to ensure the balance of the number of heroes in each profession in the subsequent updates. This is a long-term and continuous work, and if you have any good ideas about it, we will be very happy to hear your suggestions.


3. About game background and heroes stories: In the early closed beta version, our heroes had background stories, but during the development process, many heroes' models and images were replaced and their background stories were changed, so in order to make the heroes' images fit the background stories better, we have not released the heroes' background stories for the time being, but we will continue to improve this part in subsequent versions until we think it meets the launch criteria, and then make it public.


4. About whether the bond between heroes will affect the strength of the heroes: We hope that the core of everyone's attention is to match the skills of the heroes to achieve the strategy of the game, so we will consider the impact of the bond between the heroes' attributes on the current game strategy. We will discuss this gameplay in depth later on.


5. About hero skins: Creating hero skins is a very good suggestion, we have included it in our development plan and it will meet you soon. Stay tuned.

6. About the commanders: We hope that the commander system can be used as an amplifier of certain characteristics, guiding players to put heroes with similar characteristics on the same team to fight. Therefore, most new commanders will be released at the same time as heroes with new characteristics. We will consider the timing and rhythm of commander releases based on the heroes updated in each period, so please keep your expectations on it.


Function optimizations

The functions of quickly replacing teams and keeping the lineup unchanged in Galactic Arena and one-tap talent upgrade are two very good ideas. We agree with you very much. At the same time, they are adopted and included in our development plan. You will have a chance to see both of these features in future versions, so please be patient.


In the end, thank you very much for your love and support. In the future, we will continue to bring happiness and a better gaming experience to you. We would like to express our sincere gratitude here.