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New event is coming!


Greetings Commanders!


A new event is coming!


In the Ancient Altar, Destroyer Quinta brought his demon army into this world through the teleportation circle. Commanders need to dispatch their elite forces to destroy Quinta's minions, and finally face against this powerful demon boss.


Event Rules:

1. You need at least 3 teams to fight at the same time against the boss and their minions.

2. In the first and second battles, players will face the minions first. Damaging minions will weaken the boss.

3. After each battle, minions will recover all HP. The boss does not recover HP. Boss can be defeated through multiple challenges.

4. Each battle provides rewards based on the DMG inflicted to the boss. Each time the event is reset, rewards will be issued based on the remaining HP of the boss. Kill the boss to receive doubled rewards.

5. The event resets every Tuesday and Saturday at 5:00 AM EST. When the event resets, challenge tickets will be reset to the max amount. The HP of bosses at all difficulties is reset, all rewards are issued based on the remaining HP of previous bosses.


Event Rewards:

In the battle with Destroyer Quinta, players have a chance to obtain rare rewards such as Gene Hybrids, Limited Recruitment Cards, and advanced equipment.


Additional Information:

- Rewards will be issued every Tuesday and Saturday based on the remaining HP of Destroyer Quinta in each difficulty, and the HP of Destroyer Quinta will be reset on all difficulties.

- Three tickets will be issued at each reset, please cherish the opportunity to challenge, the higher the total damage done to Destroyer Quinta, the higher the chance of getting rare rewards.


Eternal Evolution Team