Skill introduction
  • Dead Guidance

    Kain calls for guided missile support to bombard the area, dealing damage equal to190% of ATK.
    Damage increased to 210%.
    Damage increased to 230%.
    EX: An additional bomb hits the area, dealing damage equal to 120% of ATK.

  • Demonic Bomb

    Kain throws a Demonic Bomb that explodes and deals damage equal to 68% of ATK. The Bomb bounces to nearby targets that were not hit by this skill, up to 4 times. Damage is reduced by 50% if a target has been already hit by a bomb.
    Damage increased to 77%.
    Damage increased to 86%.
    Damage increased to 95%.
    EX: Demonic Bomb now bounces up to 5 times.

  • Wicked Explosion

    Kain fires a special round at the nearest enemy in front of him, dealing damage equal to 140% to the target and all enemies in a 3m radius. It also reduces the cooldown of Demonic Bomb by 0.5 seconds upon scoring a critical hit. (Cooldown can be reduced by up to 3 seconds max)
    Damage increased to160%.
    Damage increased to180%.
    EX: Crit Rate increased by 20%.