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Boss Guide: Tara Dome


Boss Guide: Tara Dome

Main Rewards: Divine Prototypes, Advanced Recruitment Cards


One-time Rewards:



Boss Characteristics:

Survivability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Special Skills:Boss creates a field, which nullifies all damage that is done outside the field. This boss can push heroes outside the field and deal huge chunks of damage with a charged attack in certain directions.


Best recommended heroes:


Lineup Strategy:

  1. Use heroes with high mobility and can easily enter the Boss field.

  2. Use at least one healing hero to guarantee your survival.

  3. Use displacement skills to enter the field and evade dangerous charge attacks

Recommended heroes for early-mid game:



Lineup Strategy:

  1. In early to mid game, Taylor and Senway are key heroes in defeating this boss.

  2. You need at least one tank in the front row, if you don't have Oak, you can use Bohr or Ousha.    

  3. You need at least one healer to survive this boss.    

  4. Use displacement skills to enter the field and evade dangerous charge attacks.

Three Boss Stages

First Stage: No Damage Outside the Field, Powerful Attacks 


The blue circle is a field. Heroes need to be inside the field to do True Damage to the Boss.


If melee heroes are pushed outside the field, they will automatically return to attack the Boss once more. Ranged heroes need to use special skills to jump back.


After some time, the Boss will start charging a powerful attack. Squishy heroes with low survivability or defense should dodge this attack at all cost.


Taylor can jump into the field with displacement skills to start dealing damage, while (Senway) and Skooer&Hatty can throw summoned creatures into the field.

Second Stage: Boss retreats, summoning few small monsters    



After you deal enough damage to the Boss (indicated by a white vertical line), the Boss will retreat and spawn a few small creatures on the battlefield. You need to kill them within specified time.

Third Stage: Boss Returns    


After killing all summoned monsters, the Boss will return and enter its previous behaviour. The only thing left is to finish him off