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Ravenna Guide


Ravenna Guide


[Hero Introduction]
Ravenna is an SSS Energy Class Hero. She has a custom-made heavy machine gun called the “Big Baby”. And when she uses it, there is usually nothing left, but smoldering corpses. Ravenna’s attacks become more fierce as the battle goes on. All and all, we can confidently say, that she is the most powerful AOE Damage Hero in the current version!

Ravenna’s core skills are “Incendiary Grenade” and “Frenzy Shooting”.
“Incendiary Grenade”: Deals damage in a large area and inflicts "Wound" on all hit enemies; CD 10 seconds;
“Frenzy Shooting”: Deals a lot of damage to all enemies in the sector. Also deals an additional damage if enemy has “Wound” or “Reduced Defense” debuffs. CD 12 seconds.
These two abilities , when paired with Ravenna's "Metallic Frenzy" can deal an insane amount of damage.
”Metallic Frenzy”: Ravenna goes into Frenzy mode, increases her skill damage by 20%, and can unleash 1 "Incendiary Grenade" and 3 "Frenzy Shootings" at the target area while activating her talent. This skill dramatically increases the frequency with which Ravenna can use her core skills.
“Tactical Study”: Every time Ravenna casts a skill, it increases the ability damage by 2%, up to 16%. After activating specific talents, abilities that are cast by Ravenna’s teammates will also increase her ability damage by 0.3%, up to 18%; This skill can truly shine if Ravenna is combined with a rapid skill teammates, such as Lord of Wings or Nadilus.

As we can see, Ravenna is a pure damage dealer. Her main playstyle is based on how quick she can unleash her Incendiary Grenade and Frenzy Shooting.

Ravenna's talents are centered around faster skill use and damage triggers of "Incendiary Grenade" and "Frenzied Shooting". Each talent is powerful and we recommend getting all of them eventually. At the same time, it is generally a good idea to spend some talent points on Attack and Critical Hit Rate. After all, Ravenna's base stat model is different from the average SSS Energy hero. For an average SSS hero Max attack stat will be around 8026, but Ravenna uses the average SSS Range Max attack stat of 7022, so it requires a lot of build-up and attention.

[Special Equipment]
Ravenna has the initial effect of reducing the CD duration of Frenzy Shooting for herself and her allies every time they use a skill. This effect greatly increases the frequency of Frenzy Shooting. Frenzy Shooting can also be unlocked by just leveling to 1 star, which is very good. The Level 20 effect increases the frequency of the enhanced Incendiary Grenade skill, while Level 30 effect further increases the damage and speed for all of Ravenna’s skills during long battles. Therefore, it is recommended that early-mid game players at least hit level 20, and late game players hit level 30 as soon as possible. Doing this will help immensely during long late-game battles.

Ravenna has a slightly lower skill multiplier than Lord of Wings, but because of her high skill release frequency and the ability to get a critical hit bonus, it is recommended to choose the "Sun Signet" and "Overload" sets first. It is better to give priority to "critical hit rate" and "% damage" in the selection of main attributes. For Hand slot you can select "Critical hit Damage" if you have Nadilus in your team.

If you want to further boost your team’s damage, Commander Rota will be a perfect choice, as Ravenna cannot trigger other Commander’s buffs. If you chose Chaos Bull as your front line tank, Commander Gautier is a perfect fit to further enhance your team’s survivability.

[Divine Prototypes]
Preferred options include "Solar Flame" and "Vision Stone" to increase damage, and "Flowing Rune" to increase energy skill use.

[Combinations with other heroes]
Since Ravenna's core skills require a quick cast from her teammates, and the longer the battle, the more damage Ravenna does, it's best to pair Ravenna around 4 for 1 or 3 for 2.
Preferred lineup: When picking a front line tank, Chaos Bull is a perfect choice with his ability for defense reduction or Zaida for her control effects. In the middle row, double healing\buff from Maslany and Serena will drastically improve your team’s survivability. In the back row, Ravenna herself and Lord of Wings can deal absolutely insane damage while using tons of skills. The main reason for putting Ravenna and other dps in the back row is to prevent them from being killed by an AOE. Early-mid game preferred setup: Select Lightwarden or Rez for the front row; Serena and Liran for the middle row healing; finally you can put Ravenna and Omar in the back row.