Mu Lion

Charge forward, be immortal
Skill introduction
  • Storm

    Active effect: Leo spins his double blades and rushes to the target area, causing 240% ATK DMG to enemies along the way for a total of three times. Leo will not be affected by any control effect during skill use.^Passive effect: All damage caused by Leo cannot be Critical Strikes.
    Increase DMG to 270% of ATK.
    Increase DMG to 300% of ATK.
    EX: This skill has 35% lifesteal effect.

  • Thunder

    Leo sends out a roar to deter the enemy, causing 310% ATK DMG to nearby enemies, and increasing the damage they take in the next 5 seconds by 10%.
    Damage increased to 350% ATK.
    Damage increased to 390% ATK.
    Damage increased to 430% ATK.
    EX: Damage increasing effect enhanced to 15% and duration increased by 3 seconds.

  • Raging Wave

    After entering the battlefield, Leo will permanently gain a basic ATK boost of 1.5% of his maximum health.^In battle, the lower the proportion of Leo's current HP, the higher his ATK. ATK increases by 1% for each 1% reduction in HP with an upper limit of 30% remaining HP.
    ATK increases by 1.1% for each 1% reduction in HP.
    ATK increases by 1.2% for each 1% reduction in HP.
    EX: There is no upper limit to the effect of increasing ATK by reducing HP.

  • Mountain

    Leo's damage reduction is increased by 3%, ^When Leo receives lethal DMG, he defies death and all DMG for the next 3 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per battle.
    Damage reduction is increased to 4%.
    Damage reduction is increased to 5%.
    EX: At the end of damage immunity effect, Leo will recover 15% of their maximum HP at one time.