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Version Update Notice

Dear Commanders,

Eternal Evolution will undergo scheduled maintenance on SEA servers on April 13th, at 6:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 120 minutes, and another maintenance on the rest of the servers (including EU, Traditional CN, Asia, and NA servers) at around 8:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 30 minutes to apply a new version. During the maintenance period, the servers will be closed in sequence at the corresponding time points, so please prepare in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would love to offer you 500 Diamonds as a compensatory gift, please claim it in your mailbox after the update.

Version Update Details:

[New Heroes and Hero Optimizations]

- New Hero: Miranda, the Dr. Chaos. She is an SSS-level Terran Support hero skilled in Rear Guard and Death Suspension.

[New Events and Event Optimizations]

- A new Limited Recruitment event will open on most servers. During the event, you will be able to recruit Miranda, Bot Mark II, and Muka at higher rates at the Limited Recruitment. 

*Event Duration: 14 days.

- Another new Limited Recruitment event will open on some servers. During the event, you will be able to recruit Azena, Omar, and Poluno at higher rates at the Limited Recruitment. 

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Galactic Treasure event will open on some servers. You can join the Galactic Arena and defeat the opponents to earn Warrior Stones for chances to draw great rewards in this event.

*Event Duration: 10 days.

- A new Gemuzzo's Bell event will open on some servers. During the event, you can use the event items to draw rewards from the lucky spin. The main rewards of this event are changed to Miranda, Azena, and the mythic divine prototype Thorn of Glory. 

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new season of the Twilight Lands event will open on most servers. Some adjustments and optimizations are applied to Chapter 16.

*Event Duration: 14 days.

- A beta Guild vs Guild event will open on all servers. When the event starts, there will be 3 Guild vs. Guild competitions every week, each lasting 48 hours.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

[Game Content Adjustments and Optimizations]

- Optimized the Commander system:

1. Optimized commander skills and attributes:

*Optimized commander skills: For commander skills with PvP effects, regular effects and PVP effects are displayed separately. Added commander class effect tips when 3 or more heroes of the same class are deployed on the lineup/battle interface.

*Optimized commander attributes: Added Summon class attributes to commanders.

2. Extended commander levels: Extended the level cap of mythic commanders and SSS-level mythic commanders to 50. Added Upgrade operations at levels 25/30/35/40/45. Upgrading the commanders can expand the level cap and gain PvP damage reduction. After expanding the level cap, new skill bonus/position bonus/skill bonus/class bonus/skill bonus entries will be unlocked when reaching levels 30/35/40/45/50 respectively.

3. Added Disassemble and Auto-disassemble function: Redundant commanders can be disassembled into Medals of Honor, and will be automatically disassembled immediately when a commander of preset quality is obtained.

- Optimized battle system:

*PvP bonus and PvP damage reduction are applied in Guild vs Guild mode.

*Optimized the battlefield logic area of novice levels and Guild Daily Challenges.

- Reduced the difficulty of Zaida stages by decreasing enemy Zaida's HP in the Elite Campaign.

[Interface Adjustments and Optimizations]

- Added hero avatar special effects on the Personal Info interface when activating the EX5 talents.

- Optimized the Personal Info interface.

[Bug Fixes]

- Fixed the issue when tapping the Go button on the pop-up window of the Time-limited Recruitment Event.

- Fixed some wrong multilingual texts in Kain's No Mercy skill description.

[Beta Guild vs Guild Rules]

- General Rules 

When the event starts, three Guild vs. Guild competitions will be held every week, lasting 48 hours each.

- Registration Rules 

1. Registration is required to participate. Player registration time for each competition: 00:00:00 every Thursday - 23:59:59 next Monday.

2. When you register for the first time, you need to configure your own Defensive Lineup. Once you have configured a Defensive Lineup, it will be automatically used on all subsequent registrations.

3. After registration, you will participate in the remaining competitions of the week.

4. At the end of the registration period, if there are 10 or more players registered from the same guild, that guild will be deemed to have successfully registered to participate in the competition for the period, and matchmaking will be available. If the number of registered players from the guild is less than 10, the guild will be unable to participate to match with opponents.

5. Once the guild is successfully matched with an opponent, all registered guild members will participate in all three matches of the competition. The guild cannot replace participants while in battle.

- Defensive Team Rules

1. For each competition, 3 Defensive Lineups are required. Each lineup can have up to 5 heroes. If you have registered and previously configured a Defensive Lineup, that lineup will be used automatically.

2. Heroes deployed in the Defensive Lineup of a competition match can still be used in other modes.

3. During the registration stage, players can adjust their Defensive Lineup. During the matchmaking stage, players cannot adjust their Defensive Lineup. During the battle stage, players may adjust their Defensive Lineup, but the modified lineup will only take effect on the next match.

- Matchmaking Rules

1. Every Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday from 00:00:00 - 05:00:00, registered guilds will be matched with a suitable guild. Each competition will last until 22:00:00 of the next day.

2. After each match, the guild's competition points will change in accordance with their offensive and defensive performance.

- Offense and Victory Rules

1. Players must spend 1 offense order to attack defenders.

2. Players cannot attack the same target more than once in the same competition.

3. At the end of the offense stage of each competition, if the battle points earned by the attacking guild reach the specified value, the attacking guild wins. Otherwise, the defending guild wins.

- Reward Rules

1. When a player attacks a defending opponent in a competition, their rewards will be based on the result of the battle and the Galactic Arena rank of the defender. The higher the defender's Galactic Arena rank, the greater the rewards.

2. When a guild wins a competition as the attacker, rewards will be issued to all members who launched an attack. When the guild loses the competition, all members who launched an attack will receive a base reward.

3. Once the 3 competition matches have ended, rankings will be determined by the guild's competition points. All guild members will receive corresponding rewards.

[Adjustments on Twilight Lands]

In the last season of Twilight Lands, we received a lot of feedback. Many of you could not understand the ranking rules of Chapter 16 and gave us your suggestions for Chapter 16. We have carefully considered these suggestions and adjusted the relevant rules of Chapter 16 while keeping the positioning of Chapter 16 of the Twilight Lands as one of the high-difficulty instances of our game at the current stage. The specific changes of Chapter 16 are as follows:

1. Chapter 16 has been adjusted from a total of 20 stages to 10 stages. The chapter name has been modified, the chapter rewards have been increased, and the stage rewards for each stage have been adjusted.

2. Reduced the difficulty of Chapter 16 as a whole, and adjusted the configuration of monsters in Chapter 16.

3. In the ranking rules of Twilight Lands this time, the mechanism of counting points based on the damage done to the enemy is canceled in Chapter 16, and the ranking rules of Chapter 16 and the previous 15 chapters will be consistent. The overall leaderboard is ranked according to your clearance order and stage progress.

The Twilight Lands event has always been one of the best stages to show your strength. We think this is one of the best modes of the game. In order to bring new challenges to you and keep the vitality of Twilight Lands for a long time, we will adjust the difficulty design and monster configuration of Chapter 16 of Twilight Lands from time to time in the future. At the same time, the rewards of Chapter 16 of Twilight Lands may also be changed, so stay tuned.

That's all for this version's main content. However, the update content may be changed, and the upcoming new version shall prevail. If you encounter any problems after the update, please contact us in the Help Center, and we will help you solve the problems ASAP.

Enjoy your game!

Eternal Evolution Team