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Version Update Notice

Dear Commanders,

Eternal Evolution will undergo scheduled maintenance on SEA servers on November 16th, at 6:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 120 minutes, and another maintenance on the rest of the servers (including EU, Traditional CN, Asia, and NA servers) at around 8:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 30 minutes to apply a new version. During the maintenance period, the servers will be closed in sequence at the corresponding time points, so please prepare in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would love to offer you 500 Diamonds as a compensatory gift, please claim it in your mailbox after the update.

Version Update Details:

[New Events and Event Optimizations]

- A new Wish-list Recruitment event, Divine Blessing, will open on some servers. During the event, you will have a chance to recruit SSS Heroes Sif, Fiona, Ares, and Elite Heroes Falvea, Liran, Omar in Limited Recruitment, and you will be guaranteed to receive a wish-list SSS hero every 60 limited recruitments.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Return to Giant Tower event will open on some servers. The main rewards of this event are changed to Sif copies.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Quantum Mimic Machine event will open on some servers. The main rewards of this event are changed to Riserris copies and the red divine prototype Fifth Element.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Hero Rally event will open on most servers. During the event, you can obtain a certain number of Heroes in Advanced Recruitment and Limited Recruitment to earn abundant rewards.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new season of the Summit Arena event will open on most servers on November 18th. The buff heroes of this season are Samael, Artemis, and a mysterious new hero.

*Event Duration: 14 days.

[Game Content Adjustments and Optimizations]

- Added a new mode, Guild Expedition: You can defeat Bosses with your guild members to get higher rankings and more rewards in the leaderboard!

- Added new levels Lv.11~Lv.12 to Mirage Space and Roulette of Truth, which will require three teams to fight and drop immortal equipment tempering materials III.

- Optimized the Leap Season of Hell Arena:

1. The timing of settlement of round rewards has been changed from settling the rank first and then settling the rewards to settling the rewards first and then settling the rank.

2. Subdivided the rewards: Players with different rankings in the same rank will receive different rewards at the end of the round.

3. The Hell Fighter rank competition in the Leap Season has been changed to a competition between 5 teams.

- Optimized the system of Digital War:

1. Added multi-language descriptions.

2. Optimized some prompt texts.

- Optimized the system of Shop: Added the number of items you own in the shop purchase confirmation box.

- Optimized the system of instances:

1. After the Challenge/Sweep is settled, the level will be positioned to the last level swept; if a new level is unlocked after settlement, the level will be positioned to the new level.

2. When re-entering an interface after closing it, the default level will be positioned as the highest challengeable level.

3. Increased the maximum number of boss battle sweeps from 10 to 20 for Ketosian Triangle, Lost Valley, and Crimson Abyss.

4. Optimized the interaction of the sweeping interface.

- Optimized the battle system: Reduced the stagnation time of some heroes' ultimate skills and optimized the special effects of ultimate skills. The heroes with modifications are Leo, Rickert, Kareolis, Anpu, Sorietta, Falvea, and Ravenna.

- Adjusted the layout of the Missions interface.

[Bug Fixes]

- Fixed the issue that the five-member enemy team at levels 7~10 of Battlefield of Azura, Thunder Cliff, and Molten Abyss did not display the equipment set information.

- Fixed the issue that the enemy Healers at levels 7~10 of Roulette of Truth, Crimson Rot, and Mirage Space did not display the equipment set identifiers.

- Fixed the issue that the description of the fast patrol mission did not match the actual mission in the Galactic Bounty.

- Fixed the issue of line breaks appearing in some descriptions of Womigon's ultimate skill.

- Fixed the issue that the text of hero skill upgrade descriptions would be blocked.

That's all for this version's main content. However, the update content may be changed, and the upcoming new version shall prevail. If you encounter any problems after the update, please contact us in the Help Center, and we will help you solve the problems ASAP.

Enjoy your game!

Eternal Evolution Team