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Collab Version Update Notice

Dear Commanders,

Eternal Evolution will undergo scheduled maintenance on SEA servers on December 7th, at 6:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 120 minutes, and another maintenance on the rest of the servers (including EU, Traditional CN, Asia, and NA servers) at around 8:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 30 minutes to apply a new version. During the maintenance period, the servers will be closed in sequence at the corresponding time points, so please prepare in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would love to offer you 500 Diamonds as a compensatory gift, please claim it in your mailbox after the update.

Version Update Details:

[New Heroes and Hero Optimizations]

- New Hero: EVA-01 & Shinji Ikari. He is an SSS-level Time Traveler Energy Hero who can command drones to bombard the target area and fire a light barrage to deal damage. At the start of a battle, he can restore Energy or Rage to all allied heroes, and the allied EVANGELION heroes can additionally restore Energy or Rage. In PvP modes, EVA-01 & Shinji Ikari can increase the damage and HP of all allied EVANGELION heroes.

- New Hero: EVA-02 & Asuka Shikinami Langley. She is an SSS-level Time Traveler Assassin Hero who can teleport behind the enemy with the lowest HP and cause damage to enemies within range. After enhancement, she can knock the target away and dispel the enemy's invincibility effect. She can also increase the speed and damage of her basic attacks. When EVA-02 & Asuka Shikinami Langley receives fatal damage, she can ignore the damage, immediately restore HP and Energy, and receive a Nano Shield to reduce the damage received. After each critical hit with a normal attack, she can gain a shield, which can be stacked multiple times.

- New Hero: EVA-08β & Mari Makinami Illustrious. She is an SSS-level Time Traveler Hunter Hero who can fire a laser in a straight line ahead, causing continuous damage to all enemies within range. When the attack speed reaches certain values, the number of attacks can be increased, and she can be immune to all control effects upon skill activation. EVA-08β & Mari Makinami Illustrious can trigger special effects every 4th basic attack, causing damage to the enemy and stunning the target. After receiving fatal damage, she ignores the damage, restores HP, and immediately rolls away from the closest enemy.

[New Events and Event Optimizations]

- A new Collab Recruitment event will open on all servers. During the event, you can recruit EVA-01 & Shinji Ikari, EVA-08β & Mari Makinami Illustrious, Hercules, Taylor, and Nagrama at higher rates at the Collab Recruitment.

*Event Duration: 28 days.

- A new Limited Recruitment event will open on some servers. During the event, you can recruit Barrog, Murphyro, and Randall at higher rates at the Limited Recruitment.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Star Echo event will open on all servers. During the event, you will receive the corresponding rewards by recruiting a certain number of times in the designated collab recruitment. The main rewards of this event are Astral Recruitment Cards, SSS Hero Selection Card - Angels from Another World, Daniel's Soul Crystal Nucleus Shards, Crystal Nucleus Dusts, Chaos Soul Crystal Nucleus, Universal Crystals, and Gene Mutation Crystal - ll.

*Event Duration: 28 days.

- A new Details Gathering event will open on some servers. The main rewards of this event are changed to Na Feng, Rusted Gears, Diamonds, and Mythic Runes.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Gemuzzo's Bell event will open on some servers. During the event, you can use the event items to draw rewards from the lucky spin. The main rewards of this event are changed to Barrog, Gene Hybrids, and the mythic divine prototype Impulse of Annihilation.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Project "Premium Development" event will open on some servers. The main rewards of this event are changed to Gene Hybrids and Universal Crystals.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new season of Twilight Lands will open on most servers.

*Event Duration: 14 days.

- A new EVANGELION collaboration event, Angels from Another World, will open on all servers.

*Event Content:

1. Collaboration Story Levels: Chapters 1~4 will unlock on the 1st day of the event; Chapters 5~8 will unlock on the 8th day of the event; Chapters 9~12 will unlock on the 15th day of the event. You will receive a copy of EVA-01 & Shinji Ikari after completing Chapter 12 of the collaboration story levels.

2. Defense of the Iron Eaters Village: Players from different servers will fight side by side against Versions of Otis. The confrontation will be divided into 3 stages. After defeating the Boss of each stage, the next stage will automatically open, and players will face a more challenging battle. Each stage of the confrontation activates new bonuses for the entire server to help players stand against strong opponents. During the event, players' rankings will be recorded and generous rewards will be distributed.

*Event Duration: December 7, 2023 ~ 5:00 a.m. on January 4, 2024 (Server Time)

[Game Content Adjustments and Optimizations]

- Optimized Hell Arena: Adjusting the order of defensive lineups will now also consume the number of daily lineup modifications.

- Optimized the shortcut entrance logic of the main interface.

- Optimized Daniel's talents EX1~EX5, effects after optimization: after 30 seconds of battle, the damage caused by himself and his summons to the enemy will be increased, and the damage he and his summons will receive from the enemy will be reduced.

[Bug Fixes]

- Fixed an issue where some damage could not trigger Artemis' Phantom Bolts.

- Fixed the issue where the damage increase of Daniel's own summons to the enemy did not take effect in Daniel's Potential 9 and 10.

That's all for this version's main content. However, the update content may be changed, and the upcoming new version shall prevail. If you encounter any problems after the update, please contact us in the Help Center, and we will help you solve the problems ASAP.

Enjoy your game!

Eternal Evolution Team