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Version Update Notice

Dear Commanders,

Eternal Evolution will undergo scheduled maintenance on SEA servers on December 21st, at 6:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 120 minutes, and another maintenance on the rest of the servers (including EU, Traditional CN, Asia, and NA servers) at around 8:30 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 30 minutes to apply a new version. During the maintenance period, the servers will be closed in sequence at the corresponding time points, so please prepare in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would love to offer you 500 Diamonds as a compensatory gift, please claim it in your mailbox after the update.

Version Update Details:

[New Heroes and Hero Optimizations]

- New Hero: EVA-00' & Rei Ayanami. She is an SSS-level Time Traveler Tank Hero who can knock down surrounding enemies while receiving a shield, as well as restore a certain amount of HP to 3 allied heroes with the lowest HP, and can restore HP to herself after taking damage with A.T. Field activated. When receiving lethal damage, EVA-00' & Rei Ayanami ignores this damage. When EVA-00' & Rei Ayanami is on the battlefield, other heroes take less damage, and allied EVANGELION heroes receive additional damage reduction.

- New Hero: EVA-06 & Kaworu Nagisa. He is an SSS-level Time Traveler Vanguard Hero who can throw a spear in the selected area, dealing damage to directly hit enemies, with a chance to push all targets within range towards the center of the spear impact point. Next, EVA-06 & Kaworu Nagisa can charge towards the spear, dealing damage to targets along the path. When he enters the battlefield, he continues to deal damage to himself and restores Rage.

[New Events and Event Optimizations]

- This week we will start the annual grand Christmas event! We have prepared a wealth of Christmas gameplay for you:

1. Mysterious Gift: You can obtain Wish Coins by challenging bosses in various dungeons and completing mysterious gift achievement tasks, and use Wish Coins to unlock mysterious gifts in multiple rounds of mysterious gift boxes! Each round contains a Gingerbread. When the Gingerbread is drawn, the remaining unopened gift boxes in this round will be automatically opened for free!

2. Search for Christmas Stockings: Santa Claus has placed gifts in Christmas Stockings and hidden them across every corner of the game, go and find them!

3. Snowman's Market: Santa's sleigh full of gifts is damaged! You need to work together to help him repair his sleigh. You need to participate in the two events, Search for Christmas Stockings and the Snowman's Market, to get the event items and use them to repair the sleigh! You will get a gift from Santa Claus for every repair, and you can even get a valuable gift after the repair is completed!

4. Repair Sleigh: During the event, you can get different levels of repair rewards by repairing a damaged sleigh. Completing all the repair tasks will also earn you the ultimate prize: a limited Christmas trophy!

5. Endless Battle — Christmas Anniversary (2023): During the event, we have also prepared a lot of boss stages for you, including a special Christmas Boss, so stay tuned!

- A new Collab Recruitment event will open on all servers. During the event, you can recruit EVA-00' & Rei Ayanami, EVA-06 & Kaworu Nagisa, Bot Mark II, Kain, and Senway at higher rates at the Collab Recruitment.

*Event Duration: 14 days.

- A new Limited Recruitment event will open on some servers. During the event, you can recruit Riserris, Liran, and Falvea at higher rates at the Limited Recruitment.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Star Echo event will open on all servers. During the event, you will receive the corresponding rewards by recruiting a certain number of times in the designated collab recruitment. The main rewards of this event are Astral Recruitment Cards, SSS Hero Selection Card - Angels from Another World (EVA-00' & Rei Ayanami and EVA-06 & Kaworu Nagisa), Daniel's Soul Crystal Nucleus Shards, Crystal Nucleus Dusts, Chaos Soul Crystal Nucleus, Universal Crystals, and Gene Mutation Crystal - ll.

*Event Duration: 14 days.

- A new Details Gathering event will open on some servers. The main rewards of this event are changed to Serena, Rusted Gears, Diamonds, and Mythic Runes.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Gemuzzo's Bell event will open on some servers. During the event, you can use the event items to draw rewards from the lucky spin. The main rewards of this event are changed to Riserris, Gene Hybrids, and the mythic divine prototype Fifth Element.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

- A new Project "Premium Development" event will open on some servers. The main rewards of this event are changed to Gene Hybrids and Universal Crystals.

*Event Duration: 7 days.

[Game Content Adjustments and Optimizations]

- Added new Christmas trophies: 

1. Christmas Sleigh Souvenir Photo: In PvE, allied heroes gain +20% HP.

*How to obtain: Participating in Christmas event

2. Christmas Bell: Hunter, Energy, and Assassin heroes gain +12% HP.

*How to obtain: Participating in Christmas event

- Optimized Equipment system:

1. Increased the storage limit of the equipment bag to 2500.

2. Optimized the equipment quantity display logic in the upper right corner of the equipment tab interface in the bag.

- Optimized Leaderboard system: Optimized the Leaderboard display logic.

- Optimized Collection system: Added the function of clicking on photos to view trophy details. Currently, only EVANGELION trophies support this function, and this function will be added to other trophies in the future.

- Optimized Awakening system:

1. Optimized red dot prompt logic: Only when there are enough hero-exclusive Soul Crystal Nucleus, will the hero have an Awakening prompt red dot. Chaos Soul Crystal Nucleus will not trigger the red dot.

2. Optimized the interaction and display of the Awakening Ultimate Skill switching panel.

- Optimized Heroes system:

1. Changed the factions and classes of all heroes' summons to no faction and no class.

2. The descriptions of Talents and Potentials in the skill enhancement category are differentiated by type, and it is clearly stated whether the enhancement is a Talent or a Potential.

- Optimized Interface system: Added the animation effects of pulling the main interface entrance menu to the right and collapsing it to the left.

[Bug Fixes]

- Fixed the issue that the equipment set of the defense lineup in the Summit Arena failed to save.

- Fixed the issue that damage could be avoided in a very small area in the center of Lightning Shield in the Thunder Cliff.

- Fixed the issue of abnormal display of hero avatars and wrong factions in some interfaces.

That's all for this version's main content. However, the update content may be changed, and the upcoming new version shall prevail. If you encounter any problems after the update, please contact us in the Help Center, and we will help you solve the problems ASAP.

Enjoy your game!

Eternal Evolution Team