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The first advanced civilizations to touch the secret history of the universe, fights in very different and varied styles.

Sword of Vengeance

During the battle, the fewer the enemies are, the stronger Artas will be. And Artas will lock on the enemies to fight them until death.
  • Declaration of Vengeance
  • Split
  • Destructive Slash
  • Violent Will
Intelligent humans work in teams and are the unrivalled masters of The Steele sector.

war god

Omar can call his bombers to bombard the enemy line to oblivion. It never remembers the consequences of its actions.
  • Thundering Rage
  • War Spirit Encouragement
  • War Sweep
  • Tremble
Also known as the beasts of war, a byproduct of Terran's experimentations to create a monster army, each of them are insanely strong.

lord of wings

Luke can easily shift the odds in his favor. His powerful shadow shock will bombard and destroy the enemy quickly.
  • Night Curse
  • Night Energy
  • Crescent Energy
  • Night Recharge
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